Yue Wu received B.S. degree in Statistics(3.8/4.0, first class honours) from Zhejiang University (Top 3 university in China) in 2010. I also held a minor degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University. I joined the Communications Group of The University of Sheffield, U.K. as a PhD student from 2012. My supervisor is Dr. Xiaoli Chu. I am expected to be honoured the PhD degree in Wireless Communications in the middle of 2016.

I primarily focus on device-to-device (D2D) communications in 4G/5G cellular networks. Specifically, I strive to develop optimal radio resource management (RRM) schemes for D2D communications systems. The object is to maximise the performance of D2D communications while guaranteeing the quality of service (QoS) requirement of conventional cellular (CC) user equipments (UEs) in different scenarios. Previously I proposed an optimal RRM scheme for D2D communications in SC-FDMA system. Currently my research focuses on multi-hop D2D communications. My work is beyond simply devising RRM schemes but covers several critical aspects of D2D communications.

Research interests in D2D communications:

  • Optimisation of RRM schemes for D2D communications and heterogeneous networks.
  • Network coding (NC) in D2D communications.
  • Joint design of routing algorithm and RRM in multi-hop D2D communications.
  • Application system build on top of D2D communications (Iunius).
  • Modelling, optimisation in D2D communications in movement scenario.

In addition to the research works in D2D communications, I have broad collaborations with other researchers from Zhejiang University and The University of Toronto, Canada in computer network and security. My worked with Dr. Bowei Yang in devising a ranking system which can detect malicious users in peer-to-peer (P2P) system was published in a key Chinese research journal. Currently we worked together to introduce multi-object optimisation into software defined networking (SDN) on top of satellite network.

I work with Wei Huang (PhD candidate in Toronto, supervised by Associate Prof. David Lie) in designing security mechanism for OSv system.

Research interests in Computer Science:

  • Software defined network (SDN).
  • Operating system: OSv.

Before joining The University of Sheffield, I was a data analyst of User Experience Department at Alibaba.Com Ltd.I have profound experience in data analysis, big data, server-side development and front-end development. Currently I am working as a key developer of a start-up project (will launch in Feb. 2015). I am responsible for the development of a high performance web crawler, UX design and front-end development.


  • Integer programming (IP), numerical optimisation, machine learning (ML), game theory.
  • Functional analysis, statistics, probability.
  • Python/MATLAB/C/C++/Haskell/Objective-C
  • SciPy/gevent/Django/iOS
  • Linux/Spark
  • SQL database: PostgreSQL; NoSQL database: MongoDB, Redis
  • Chinese/English


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  • Virtual Infrastructure supported D2D Communications coexisted with Cellular Networks: A Software-Defined Network Solutions and Implementations” has been approved by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.

Current works:

  • “A Software-defined Network Protocol for Device-to-device (D2D) Communications: Challenges, Solutions and Business Model”, Y. Wu, B. Yang, W. Guo, X. Chu, S. Wang, H. Zhang. IEEE Network (under revision)
  • “A Geometric Perspective Analysis and Radio Resource Management for Device-to-device Communications”. Y. Wu, W. Guo, S. Wang, X. Chu and B. Yang (will submit in Sept. 2015)
  • “MT-3DHT: Maximum Tree Based Dynamic Dual Distributed Hash Table for Semantic Indexing in Unsecure P2P Networks”, B. Yang, Y. Wu, G. Song, Y. Zheng. Neurocomputing. (will submit in Oct. 2015).
  • “Cell Selection for User Equipment Utilising Decoupling Uplink and Downlink Technology”. R. Tao, Y. Wu, X. Chu, W. Guo, S. Wang and J. Zhang. IEEE Wireless Commun. Letter. (will submit in Oct. 2015).
  • “Optimal Radio Resource Management for Group Device-to-device (GD2D) Communications”. Y. Wu, W. Guo, S. Wang, X. Chu and B. Yang. IEEE Trans. of Wireless Commun. (will submit in Nov. 2015)
  • “Enhance SAE for Social Aware Device-to-device (D2D) Communications: Challenge, Solution and Business Model.” Y. Wu, B. Yang, W. Guo, S. Wang and X. Chu. IEEE Wireless Commun. (will submit in Dec. 2015)
  • “Embracing Big Data: From Radio Access Network to Service Access Network.” Y. Wu, B. Yang, W. Guo, S. Wang and X. Chu. IEEE Commun. (will submit in Dec. 2015).

Academic serving:

  • Reviewer of IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. and IEEE Commun. Letter.
  • TPC of 2015 IEEE Computer and Information Technology (IEEE CIT 15′).

If you have any interests in collaboration with me, or offering me a PostDoc/RA position in U.K., States, or Canada, or making partnership with him in your lovely promising startup project, feel free to contact me. Full CV of my experience before PhD study can be found here.

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